Phexxia Birth Control

Phexxi Birth Control

Phexxi is a vaginal cream that is injected into the vagina before having sexual intercourse. It lasts for 1 hour.  Its active ingredients are: lactic acid, citric acid, and potassium bitartrate.

How it Works:

Phexxi decreases the mobility of sperm.  It does this by maintaining the pH level in the vagina.  If the sperm can’t swim up into the fallopian tube where an ovum (egg) may be present, then pregnancy is far less likely.


Phexxi is 93% effective in preventing pregnancy.  It may be used in combination with condoms which would further decrease the chance of pregnancy.  Phexxi must be injected before sex.  It is not effective if used after sex.

Possible Side Effects

Some have reported vaginal burning, urinary tract infection, and vaginal itching.


Phexxi is available by prescription only.  Each box contains 12 doses.