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Symptoms of Depression

When a woman feels sad, or empty, or just doesn’t want to go to work, she may be depressed.  If this lasts for two weeks or more, it may be a mild form of depression.  Give yourself this depression test:

  • Are you thinking a lot about a loss that has occurred (for example, a death in the family, or illness)?
  • Feeling irritable, or hopeless?
  • Not being able to focus when making decisions?
  • Doing excessive sleeping or eating?
  • Having destructive thoughts?

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Essure Birth Control to be Taken Off Market

Over 27,000 women have had problems with Essure, which is a coil that is placed in the fallopian tubes.  The manufacturer, Bayer, just announced it will stop selling Essure as of the end of 2018.

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Is There a Strong Link Between Birth Control and Depression


A study conducted in Denmark has shown that one of the side effects of birth control is that it greatly increases depression.  It was conducted over a period of 10+ years (2000-2013) and included progestin and combination types such as the pill, intrauterine devices [IUDs], the shot and the patch.  Women 15-19 years of age showed a 70% higher rate of depression as measured by when they started anti-depressants and their first diagnosis of depression at a psychiatric hospital.

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New Study on Breast Cancer, the Pill, Implants, and IUD’s

In December, 2017, a new study was released based upon research with nearly 1.8 million women in Denmark.  It was completed over a 10-year period and studied women who were either using the birth control pill, an implant, or IUD’s (intrauterine devices).   The conclusion was that these birth control methods can increase the chance of breast cancer by 38% (when the chemical progestin is dispersed as part of the method and when the woman has used birth control for over 10 years). 

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Is Natural Family Planning for You

Natural Family Planning is now an easier form of birth control and more accurate than in the past, due to the availability of apps, urine testing devices, and mucus testing devices. Even those on the pill can benefit from knowing how Natural Family Planning works as a birth control method.  Given the 8% chance of getting pregnant while on the pill, Natural Family Planning is worth looking into since research indicates it can be just as effective in avoiding pregnancy, and has less risks

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Getting Pregnant After Taking the Pill

If you have decided that you'd like to become pregnant after being on birth control, a common question is, "How soon after stopping the pill will I be able to conceive?"  In most cases, doctors indicate a woman can become pregnant, but there are several factors that influence fertility in these situations.

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Is it Safe to Remove Your Own IUD (Intrauterine Device)

It may seem simple to remove your own IUD, but there may be problems that only a doctor will be able to diagnose and address.

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Causes of Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy brought the BRCA1 gene risk into the limelight.  In reality, there are many contributing causes of increased risks for breast cancer.  This blog article focuses on the 21 studies (out of 23 studies) that show that birth control use does increase the risk of breast cancer.

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